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Where The Arts Combust with Entrepreneurship:

Everything we do at Kids Who Care starts with Leadership! AND at Kids Who Care we give every Kid a chance to discover their true leadership potential no matter their age! Kids as young as 7, and as advanced as a 20-year-old on a university track, return summer after summer for 鶹:Camp+Leadership, a unique entrepreneur leadership experience packed with intense fun!
Summer Leadership Opportunities

The Summer KidPower Leadership Team receives an in depth Entrepreneur Education the week prior to camp to prepare to lead. Daily ongoing practicum throughout June and July creates hands-on, real-life experiences that mold kids into leaders and entrepreneurial thinkers.

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Watch Deborah Jung Discuss KidPower Leadership

KidPower is based on 3 Basic Powers!

At the heart of the KidPower model are three basic powers Deborah Jung discovered children possess that we often lose as adults:
  • Kids are tenacious!
  • Kids expect the answer to be yes!
  • Kids believe in the impossible!
KidPower creates a journey for any child or teen to discover and ignite those powers, and when used by adults, allows each person to rediscover and embrace what they once knew.
How KidPower Works

KidPower Leadership Training provides a specific sequential design for leadership teams to share tribal stories, the corporate culture, to define power, set goals, and write an action plan. The plan is practiced and revisited consistently and at the end of any project, or corporate year, the full team evaluates their combined work and prepares for the future. In this way, the organization and its leadership grow project to project and year to year.
What is KidPower Leadership Board?

The KidPower Leadership Board is essential to Kids Who Care culture. The Board is comprised of Resident Company High School students who support the mission of Kids Who Care by serving as leaders year-round. The Executive Board attends corporate board meetings where they represent the voice of the Resident Company.

"Our job is to ensure that every student who comes to Kids Who Care is empowered as a leader, valued as an artist and personally cherished in the same way that we have been."
2019-2020 KidPower Leadership Board

  • Yoella Cadena - Aledo High School

  • Department Heads
  • Hospitality - Teggy Hosier - Chisholm Trail High School
  • Production Assistants - Ethan Johnson - Paschal High School
  • Security - Macy Thiebaud - Burleson High School
  • PR, Tickets, Social Media - Claire Bradley - Paschal High School
  • Development - Yoella Cadena - Aledo High School

  • Alexis Horn - Paschal High School
  • Shane Morand - TCC
  • Toby Platt - Arlington Heights High School
  • Jay Shortes - Ft. Worth Academy of Fine Arts
Kids Who Care Around the World

Kids Who Care offers KidPower Leadership workshops tailored to your specific audience and needs. Whether you are goal setting with your Board of Directors, designing a staff development retreat or fulfilling scout badge requirements, our Professional Staff will energize, challenge and motivate any team.

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The impact of this leadership style at Kids Who Care has created a unique company driven by the spirit of entrepreneur creativity and servant leadership.Click below to book a KidPower Leadership Workshop for your:

Unique Leadership

The most unique aspect of the KidPower Leadership system is that it offers opportunities to learn new leadership skills and then put them into action. Students serving on the KidPower Leadership Team receive 40-75 hours of Leadership Training and 140-275 hours of hands on leadership experience serving as many as 400 kids throughout the summer. From leading team building activities to making sure everyone at camp makes a new friend, the KidPower Leadership Team is essential to every part of the work. Each leader is able to practice skills that will be applicable in any future career or job opportunity.

In addition to their work at camp, the team is responsible for raising funds to provide a stipend for the student and camp staff positions. This process, which is led by the 鶹:KidPower Leadership Board Board throughout the year, includes both grass roots fundraising and a recently developed earned revenue component to ensure future stability for the fund.
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